Spinal Compression Fracture Treatment

Relieving the pain of Spinal Compression Fractures in Dallas, Texas

Many people over 60 living in Dallas, Texas, deal with back pain every day in the belief that it is a natural part of aging. But in many instances, this chronic pain may be the result of a spinal compression fracture, a condition that is not only painful, but potentially dangerous.

Causes of Spinal Compression Fractures in Dallas, Texas

Older people in Dallas, Texas, often experience back aches and pains, some of which may be an indication that tiny, minute fractures are occurring in the bones of the vertebrae. Compression fractures are often the result of osteoporosis, a condition which causes bones to thin. Osteoporosis is especially prevalent in women in Dallas, Texas, older than 50. When you put everyday pressures on soft, weakened bones, it can trigger tiny compression fractures on the bones of the spine. Something as simple as lifting up an object, missing a step, or slipping on a patch of ice can put vertebrae at risk of fracture.

Symptoms of Spinal Compression Fractures in Dallas, Texas

These tiny fractures can quickly add up, and the body will begin to show the effects. In some cases, a series of small hairline fractures can eventually cause vertebrae to collapse. This is known as a spinal compression fracture. Tiny fractures in the spine can cause back pain for people in Dallas, Texas. They also can affect the shape of your spine. In some instances, the spine will shorten, causing the person to lose height. Most often, spinal compression fractures in the front part of the vertebrae. This can cause the front part of the bone to collapse, creating vertebrae that are wedge-shaped, while the front part is unchanged. When this occurs, it can create a condition known as kyphosis, or dowager’s hump.

Pain Relief in Dallas, Texas

We provide relief for people in Dallas, Texas, suffering from back pain as a result of spinal compression fracture and other painful conditions. Contact us today to request an appointment with our pain relief medical professionals.

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