SI Joint Dysfunction Treatment

Treatment for SI Joint Dysfunction in Dallas, Texas

One of the most common forms of lower back and/or leg pain in Dallas, Texas, is dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint. This is the joint that lies next to the bottom of the spine, below the lumbar spine and above the coccyx, or tailbone. The sacroiliac joint connects the triangular bone at the bottom of the spine, called the sacrum, with the pelvis, called the iliac crest. Generally, this joint doesn’t move much. It is small, strong, and surrounded by strong ligaments. The sacroiliac joint transmits all forces of the upper body to the pelvis, or hips, and legs. It also acts as a kind of shock absorber for the rest of the body.

Sacroiliac Dysfunction in Dallas, Texas

Many people in Dallas, Texas, suffer from pain caused by sacroiliac dysfunction. While it isn’t clear how this pain is caused, it’s believed that an alteration in the normal motion of the joint may be the source of the pain. People in Dallas, Texas, often experienced SI joint dysfunction due to too much movement –known as hypermobility or instability – of the joint. When this occurs to people in Dallas, Texas, the pain is usually felt in the lower back and/or the hip, and can radiate into the groin region. Another type of related pain is due to too little movement of the joint – known as hypomobility or fixation. When this occurs to people in Dallas, Texas, the pain usually is felt on one side of the back or in the buttocks, and can radiate down the leg.

Treatment for SI Joint Dysfunction in Dallas, Texas

If you are in Dallas, Texas, and experiencing pain caused by SI joint dysfunction or some other spine-related condition, we can help. Our team of experienced medical professionals can develop a customized treatment plan based on your specific condition. Stop letting pain from SI joint dysfunction ruin your life and request an appointment today.

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