Facet Pain

Facet pain is a common condition that is often misdiagnosed. Facet joints are located in the back and are responsible for stability and flexibility of the spine. As you age the Facet joints take on a lot of stress and they degenerate. Facet Arthritis is one condition that causes low back pain. Arthritis is when a joint has degeneration and inflammation resulting in pain. Facet pain is usually diagnosed by your doctors during the examination. When you extend your spine and there is pain it can be a clinical finding that most often indicates facet pain. The First thing you must do when experiencing this type of pain is to see a doctor who can diagnose you properly. X-rays or an MRI might be needed to assist your doctor to properly diagnose your condition. One your condition has been properly diagnosed your doctor will let you know what treatment options you have to address this condition.

Facet Treatment Protocol

  1. Reduce Inflammation and Pain
  2. Restore Function
  3. Prevention
Our clinic’s treatments consist of the newest cutting edge technology when it comes to studies for Medical and Chiropractic Care. Treatments include; Minimally Invasive Surgery, Pain Management, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Posture Correction, Personal Training, Nutrition, Massage, Spinal Decompression, Trigger Point Therapy, Diets and Detox. In today’s changing world we are always looking for new healthy alternatives in modern medicine. Posture Perfect Wellness Center is a new innovative health center where we look at you as a whole and start you on a journey that takes discipline and perseverance. It’s the choices that you make today that will determine the quality of life you will have in the future. Make the choice to live well.
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