Hip Arthritis Treatment North Dallas Texas

Relieving the Pain of Hip Arthritis in Dallas, Texas

Many people in Dallas, Texas, suffer from the pain that is caused by hip arthritis. The term “arthritis” literally means “joint inflammation”. It describes the pain and swelling that occur in the body’s joints, such as the elbows, knees or hips. The most common type of arthritis in Dallas, Texas, is osteoarthritis. This is when inflammation and injury to a joint such as the hip cause cartilage tissue to break down. This ten leads to pain, swelling, and even a deformity of the joint itself.

Cause of Hip Arthritis in Dallas, Texas

Cartilage – which is made up of mostly water and proteins — is the firm, rubbery material that convers the ends of bones in healthy joints. It reduces friction and absorbs shock in the joints due to its ability to change shape when compressed due to its high water content. Unlike bone, the body can’t grow or knit new cartilage after it is injured. So as the cartilage in joints is broken down through repeated shocks and injuries over the years, it slowly begins to wear away.

Symptoms of Hip Arthritis in Dallas, Texas

When cartilage breaks down in the hip joint, osteoarthritis sets in. This can cause people in Dallas, Texas, to have trouble walking. Pain also can result, but not just in the hip itself. Pain also can appear in the groin, thigh, buttocks and knee. The pain people in Dallas, Texas, experience as a result of hip arthritis can be sharp and stabbing, or it can be dull. The hip often will feel stiff.

Treatment for Hip Arthritis Pain in Dallas, Texas

If you are living in Dallas, Texas, and are experiencing pain as a result of hip arthritis or some other condition, we can help. Our expert team of pain management doctors can develop a customized pain relief plan to fit your specific needs. Contact us today to request an appointment with our team of highly qualified medical professionals.  

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